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O Jongwon (OH Jongwon)

​Solo exhibition

2015  <Appreciate for HIROSHI SUGIMOTO>, Art District_p, Busan S.Korea

2012  <20th Century Youth>, Alternative space artforum rhee, Bucheon Gyeonggi-do S.Korea

2011  <The Greatest Sexuality on earth>, Gallery palais de seoul, Seoul S.Korea

Project (Directing)

2020    <Yimone> (Reserch on old areas and pubs in Seoul), Made from e-books

2019  <How Artists Record the Park>(Hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Korea Street Performance Association), Naksan-park, Seoul

2019  <DUGGUBI City and Housing Research Group>(Team Project at the Redevelopment Complex in Seoul), Redevelopment Complex (Shinseol-dong, Sangye-dong) in Seoul / Result presentation in DRP, Seoul

2018  <My dominated history>(Team reserch project), Meindo(Seongbuk Culture Foundation and Cooperative Union Gogea N Maeul), Seoul

2017  <Don't forget me> (Residency Research exhibition), Development Area Aura, Jeollabuk-do Gwangju

2017  <Items Junk Yard> (workshops and film festivals), Seogyo Arts Center, Seoul

2015  <The Pleasure, whose trophy?>, Indie art-hall Gong, Seoul S.Korea

2014  <O Jongwon editing_KIM Duksoo solo exhibition>, The old house by the Canfoundation, Seoul S.Korea

2011  <The Cake share>, Gallery palais de seoul, Seoul S.Korea


2017  <Value-sharing Residency>, Development Area Aura, Gwangju, Jeollanam-do

2014  <Drawing and residency>, Art District_p, Busan S.Korea

2013  <Arko creative support>, Arts Council Korea, Seoul S.Korea

2012  <The deer hunting residency>, Alternative space artforum rhee, Bucheon Gyeonggi-do S.Korea

2011  <Yeoinsuk>, Yeoinsuk Art & culture space in Gunsan, Gunsan Jeollabuk-do S.Korea

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Pighead Lab is Oh Jong-won's original creative brand.

O Jongwon(OH Jongwon) has all copyrights.

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