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​색즉시공 공즉시색

Graffiti, Spray, 2018

​무악재 재개발단지 스쾃 프로젝트 '귀신 씨나락 까먹는 소리'(기획 김예경)에서 실행한 바닥 그래피티 작업.(2018년 10월 7일)

작업 후 일주일 뒤 지역 전체가 철거되었다.


Installation, Sugar, 2018

Too love to drunken
사랑하기에 너무 취한

Installation, popcorn, 2016

Striving after virtue_1_ 2011
덕을 쌓는 작업


25×25×25cm 2pieces


Iastalled in the museum at Seoul National Univesuty. 2011

The small ideals of clash and confrontation_ 2011


“Working rabbit doll”, made of 200 bottles that I drank while working, gloves thrown away by mailman, and paint cans from a car painting shop. On the back side, I draw ‘Lenin’ without feet on a blackboard. On the front side, there was a bowling bowl made of Campbell soup can which people could throw.

The MOBIDIC from Gun-san_2010


I had a residency program in the port city of GunSan. Because the city faced the ocean, I reminisced of ‘Moby-Dick’. I made a 15cm rabbit cut out from a A4 paper sheet. I used those rabbits to make a whale.The piece was disassembled by the wind, slowly taking each rabbit away.

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